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The Buenos Aires Toy Museum

by Bob Frassinetti
Route 40 Argentina
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The Buenos Aires Toy Museum
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The Buenos Aires Toy Museum.

Welcome to The Buenos Aires Toy Museum.

The Buenos Aires Toy Museum is a world made out of dreams, desires, memories and illusions, yours and mine, that belong to anyone that once was a child. Because in the end, playing is a way of building bridges between reality and fiction; its the possibility of taking yourself to an imaginary world, while being awake. Toys, therefor, are the raw material for these bridges.


This website opens its doors to everyone that wishes to take part on this amazing journey. We welcome kids and adults, amateurs and professionals!

When I was a child,- may be not a child, but that’s the way I remember it- I read a story about a child who traveled to a Toy country where he met all his favorite fairy tale characters with which he went through the most fabulous adventures. While working to develop this project I feel like I’m inside that story… ‘cause dreaming its not only a matter of kids, and though we can’t stop time’s going by, our illusions shouldn’t be lost in the vortex of “adult lifestyle”.

Buenos Aires, Argentina. 1996

Flor Rodriguez,  Editer and Toy Museum Team from 1996 to 2006.

CopyRight 2010 Bob Frassinetti, Roberto Dario Frassinetti.

Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The Buenos Aires Toy Museum Argentina
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