Route 40 Argentina

Villa del Valle de Tulumba

by Bob Frassinetti
Route 40 Argentina
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Villa del Valle de Tulumba

The Buenos Aires Toy Museum

The Art and Toy Museum Apartments-Hotel Real Estate


Ad Title: Museum Gallery Apartment Hotel
Type of Ad: Selling World Wide Real Estate Investment. Be a part of the Museum Gallery Apartment Hotel unique one of a kind here in the Provience of Cordoba, Argentina.
Ad Details:
Investment Opportunity an ongoing Real Estate Project for a arts and collectibles boutique hotel-apartments with museum gallery. A outstanding inversion opportunity. The market's conditions couldn't be better. The timing is just as precise as it could ever be. This superb lodging is what the Provience of Cordoba, along Route 9, some 30 kil from Dean Funes needs, known as the Roayl Road, el Camino Real and its visitors need. Our Boutique unique hotel collectors club would be the first one in Latin America, and there's no better place to start than here in the lost village of Tulumba, Villa Tulumba. The Villa in the Valley of Tulumba, Cordoba, along part of the Old Royal Road, known in Spanish as Camino Real. Beginnings The route originated as the "Camino Real del Peru" Royal Road of Peru, used since colonial times. The road had a system of small inns and establishments every 30–50 km where travellers could rest.
A local unexplored market so far is awaiting to be updated to the world's latest trends in show rooms and lodging that will converge in this outstanding boutique hotel Latin American styled. Join me, Bob Frassinetti and a Group of International Investors +5491169651955 Bob Frassinetti, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Price: From 25,000.00 USD
Keywords: Real Esate Argentina Hotel, Art Toy Museum Hotel, Bob Frassinetti art antique dealer,

For more information :Email: The Buenos Aires Toy Museum,Bob Frassinetti. Press here to go to the Toy Museum :The Buenos Aires Toy Museum, Argentina. and keep updated with our Toy Museum Blog and News . Press here to go to the Toy Museum Blog:The Buenos Aires Toy Museum, Argentina. Bob Frassinetti. Copyright 2005. Updated in 2010, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Roberto Dario Frassinetti.

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Dakar 2011 and the Villa of Tulumba, Cordoba, Arwgntina

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