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Route 40 Argentina
Thursday, 2 February 2012
Book and Newspaper Infromation
Topic: Book Travel
Route 40 by Roberto Dario Frassinetti
for the Ruta 40,along Ruta and side trips, Information and Research on Route 40, from top to bottom, all along the Andes, deserts and valleys,.news paper clips, photos and books. Travel Guide Research and Notes by Bob Frassinetti

Rout 40 Argentina and Tierra del Fuego.

Ruta 40 Argentina y Tierra del Fuego bibliografia

Libros: Mágica Ruta 40 Federico B. Kirbus

Route 40 Argentina Route 40 Argentina Route 40 Argentina, here on Face Book as well as travel Blog all about Ruta 40 located in Argentina, wants to broaden it's collaborator's, travel opnions, locals or not,.....
We daily receive dozens of inquires about lovely Argetina, its culture and treasures, we contribute with several international magazines with specialized articles on Art & Antiques made or found in Buenos Aires.
So, If you like a travelr along the route, or living along side, either in a City or small town or a Estacia or Farm and feel you have something to say, chip on in!
........., if you enjoy traveling and want to share your experience with worldwide net surfers, we would love for you to collaborate with us!
We do not care about your lack of experience or if you prefer to research or do journalist works. We only ask for enthusiasm and good will to get to know the word out to the world on Route 40 Argentina and to share with our readers and us a bit of your free time. and experience living there!
Route 40 is found on my Flick both as Bob Frassinetti or artdealer ar, as well as this Blog,..........http://route40argentina.t ripod .com/40/
....... is a specialized blog for those traveling, maps, newspaper information for the traveler. By us, our contents are periodically updated in order to open our information and culture to the world, share with all netizens all our knowledge about this Route and others linked to in along the Maintains of the Andes, an Argentinean and Latin American unique road from the south to the North, famous and used even in the Inca Times,.........we offer also and as well as our insider's tips and facts about the landscapes, private and public locations, outstanding cousine and lodging, and all it's hidden treasures............ if you own a business please chip in with that information!
We would like to keep on informing and sharing outstanding facts about this lovely South American country and it's culture, as well as it's fantastic artists, craftsmen, objects and vtravel information on Route 40 so hanks to your input., we cant do it all on our own, and the web is to exchange information as well!
We require:
- Interest on anything on Route 40 or traveling on, crossing it or near by places of any sort as well as culture and no need for any journalist vocation, a photo can do!
We offer:
- part time, once in a while or any help and ideas on a volunteer journalist level, amateur or professional or just because you like taking photos or writing, , your work will be acknowledged and if you write on a regular bases we will give you the code to write and upload information for the blog!
- Respect for your ideas and work input. Freedom of speech.
- Your articles will be daily read by thousands of net-surfers from all over the world.
If you would like to join and chip in or wish to receive further information on this matter contact us through Flickr, Face Book or this Blog, ....... m/40/
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items are from between 10 Apr 2010 & 21 Sep 2011.
Ruta 40 Argentina
Route 40 Argentina
Ruta 40, original starting point North and South, .......
Route 40 by Roberto Dario Frassinetti
Varios Proviencias
Mendoza y Ruta 40
Tour de Vinos
Wine Tour, Check also sets on Route 40 Argentina, Ruta 40 for more Information on places to see, sights to watch, Hotel Information, Road and Rally Tours, on and Off Road, thanks for reading, Bob Frassinetti
Mendoza, Argentina
Opcion A
Opcion B
Last Salta and a bit missing
South Argentina Map
Bob Frassinetti on Route 40 Argentina

Posted by route40argentina at 10:05 AM EST
Sunday, 22 January 2012
Follow your favorite authors around South America
Topic: Book Travel
Follow your favorite authors around South America
Read adventures by Follow your favorite authors to South America and in Argentina, ...... Argentina a historic destination as well as one of authors and books, from Charles Darwin, to Huxley, follow their foot prints around Argentina,..... Bob Frassinetti, art collector and design antique dealer,......
Ernesto Guevara
Ernesto Guevara, "Che Guevara" Avellaneda 501, Alta Gracia, El Che Museum Cordoba Argentina and the movie / book with the same name The Motorcycle Diaries (2004) Diarios de motocicleta (original titl...
Charles Darwin
Charles Darwin as much in Argentina as in Chile,... this photo is of the Christ Church Cathedral, Falkland Island, South Atlantic,............Falkland Islands wolf-like canine Warrah pre-dates human o...
Theodore Roosevelt
Theodore Roosevelt (1858–1919). A Book-Lover’s Holidays in the Open. 1916. Puerto Blest Río Negro Province, Argentina
Federico B. Kirbus
Federico B. Kirbus autor de Ruta 40 Argentina, Route 40 Argentina, Por Federico B. Kirbus La Quiaca Jujuy Province, Argentina Travel adventure in Argentina!
Guido Buffo
Unquillo, Córdoba Province, Argentina, Guido Buffo UNQUILLO.- En uno de los bordes de Unquillo, en el paraje denominado Los Quebrachitos, se levanta una capilla única en su estilo, dedicada a la memo...
Córdoba Province, Argentina
Martinica, Auguste Morisot 1886-1887
Martinica, Auguste Morisot 1886-1887, Diario de Auguste Morisot 1886-1887 This diary narrates the experiences of the French traveller during his trip to the Orinoco. Through these pages, one discover...
Freedom of Train Travel
From, De Cusco a to Machu Picchu by train.Estación de Tren San Pedro The Freedom of Train Travel by German Sopena, Germán Rolando Sopeña (* 1946, Huinca Renancó, Córdoba - † 28 de abril de 2001, Roque...
Travel with Bob Frassinetti
Travel Guide for Buenos Aires aslo Argentina and some other Countries in the south of South America for the Art and Antiques Dealer and Collector by Bob Frassinetti
the Ona tribe
More soon, ........ Ona Legends, Tierra del Fuego; Land of Fire, the End of the World ribes from Tierra del Fuego, the Ona People, The Ona (Selk'nam) People, Ona Legends, Tierra del Fuego; Land of Fir...
Alberto Maria De Agostini
Father Alberto Maria De Agostini (2 November 1883 – 25 December 1960) born in Pollone, Piedmont was an Italian missionary of theSalesians of Don Bosco order as well as a passionate mountaineer, explor...
The Cottage In The Woods
Seeking by air and land Lighthouses in Argentina .... Topic: Lighthouse Tour About airplanes and lighthouse trips... Aviation is an activity of which Argentineans are very fond of. Specially if one ta...
Martin Garcia Island Lighthouse
By: Travellerspoint Travel Community - ‎‎ -  Martin Garcia Island on the River Plate Argentina Topic: Martin Garcia Island Book on the Island, ....... The Island named Martin Garcia,...
Death and the Maiden
Death and the Maiden is a 1994 drama film directed by Roman Polanski, based on the play by Ariel Dorfman. It starredSigourney Weaver, Ben Kingsley and Stuart Wilson. [edit]Plot summary Paulina Escobar...
Visited by Charles Darwin: Voyage of the Beagle, Ch 13-14
Visited by Charles Darwin: Voyage of the Beagle, Ch 13-14 Castro, Los Lagos Region, Chile Chiloe is an island part of the Chilean territory, but it might as well be addressed as a very specific part...

Posted by route40argentina at 2:14 PM EST

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