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Route 40 Argentina
Sunday, 12 February 2006
Wine Rallies Every Year
Topic: Mendoza Starting Point

The Wineries Rally every Year, like this one we wrote about back in the Year 2004.


It was early in the morning of March 11th , 2004, when the Second Edition of the Wineries’ Rally began. More than one hundred drivers signed up to take part in this fantastic journey throughout 650 kilometers of beauty and good living, all of which were in perfect pavement conditions for as to preserve all of the participant vehicles from any rough path that might damage these art pieces. This outstanding race was organized by the Club de Autos Clásicos y Sport of Mendoza together with the Porsche Club Argentino and sponsored by the Mendoza Shopping and the Subsecretaría de Turismo of Mendoza.

The Escudería Norte de Buenos Aires coordinated the organization of the route map, timing and classifying.

To participate in this race vehicles had to be F. I.V.A at least 20 years old, and any Porsche model –for although the route was the same, classification and points were addressed differentially.

This glamorous Historic Sports car race runs through the mystic lands of the beautiful province of Mendoza combining the outstanding flavors of the best wines with a specially traced route where the contestants enjoy some of the world’s most beautiful scenes.

Driving side by side to the imponent Andes, witnessing some of the province’s cultural and historical treasures such as the Puente del Inca, heading down to the divine Valle de Uco that rises upon the desert surrounded by some of the worlds most imponent mountains, the Andes –La Plata, and the  Tupungato dormant volcano. The everlasting top snow crowning the majesty of nature invites us through the main route into an unforgettable drive. Following, the participants headed out the cities’ area towards the unspoiled natural woods of poplars, walnuts and a variety of ancient trees. The caravan of outstanding antique cars headed later on to Coquimbito; and after towards their final destination in the city of Mendoza.

The above named wine route began at the Bogegas Séptima located on the National route #7 in the Lujan de Cuyo region of Medoza. According to the Vineyards, wineries and wines South American Guide, it was christened Séptima for being the seventh winery of the Catalonian winemaking company Conforniu. This fine winery seattled in Argentina in 2001, and ever since then has produced outstanding quality products. Architectually monumental the stone construction that holds the Séptima wine production is beautiful, and perfectly combines aesthetics and functionality leading a delightful production of Syrah among other wine varieties.

350 kilometers down this specially traced route, the participants stopped at the Bodega Luigi Bosca, at the end of the first part of the race. Luigi Bosca is one of the oldest wineries in the area, founded in 1901 under the name of Leonicio Arizu, it latter changed its name to Luigi Bosca in 1969 in honor of the newest Italian partner. Till 1981, they didn’t entered the national market, for they used to sell all their production to overseas markets such as Italy and the U.S.

The secret to their outstanding wines is that this family run business has always focused on quality; all through their seven fincas they grow over 30 year old vines that are carefully processed to bring up the best qualities of each product.

A must when visiting this winery is to degust the marvelous Luigi Bosca Malbec. This grape, although imported form France more than a century ago, has grown and adapted so perfectly to the Argentine soil that the Argentinean Malbec’s are the world’s greatest ones. The wine responds perfectly to the slight movements of the crystal expressing its perfect deep color, dark and tall. As sipping this unsurpassed wine the feel of maturity and balance, supporting its full, velvety and juicy body, one’s lead into a senses paradise.

The perfect evening for an unforgettable day.

The morning after, that fine antique car caravan headed down through the wonderful Uco Valley to the Hugo and Eduardo Pulenta Winery, were surrounded by gorgeous vineyards they made a variety of control tests with presostato, one demanding regulation test.

The line of beauties, where the road played the role of a catway, headed off to the Bodega La Celia in San Carlos, where the heart and soul of Chile, Germany and Argentina merge together to bring up an amazing winery. Named after the only daughter and heir of the Mendoza landowner Eugenio Bustos, La Celia vineyards are not only house to one of the best wines of the area –in many grape varieties- but also a one of a kind gettaway resort, for the most selected travelers who wish to enjoy the wine in all its vertexes staying at the finca’s beautiful rooms.

However, the stop wasn’t long enough for this treat.

The last stop before entering Mendoza city for the final race was Bodega La Rural. In 1994 two family run wineries joint together to bring La Rural into life; Miguel Escorihuela Gascón and Felipe Rutini brought to life one of the most divine wines in the wine market, Felipe Rutini. Its superb quality makes of this wine one of Argentina’s most expensive bottles. This gorgeous finca shows a perfect architecture, a good sense of history and culture through the Felipe Rutini museum and a glamorous taste in life.

The final stop was marked in front of the Park Hyatt Hotal of Mendoza.

The winner team was conformed by Daniel Calarmunt and Cristian Berstchi, who drove an impeccable Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider. Following them arrived the ACA-FIA last year’s Cup Champion Alberto Tonconogy and Oscar Yankilevich, in a 1961 Mercedez Benz 300. The third place was won by “Don Segundo Sombra” and Hector Del Buono in a 1956 Thunderbird Ford.

As to the Porsche race points, the winners were Enrique and Susana Carelli in a 1999 Porsche 911 followed by Alberto Tonconogy and Jose Luis Celada in a 1964 Porsche 911 Cabrio.


What an incredible adventure through an unspoiled paradise! Is there a better way to express a sense of outstanding great living?


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Bob Frassinetti Copyright Roberto Dario Frassinetti 2006

Posted by route40argentina at 1:34 PM EST

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